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Characters: Jack Shephard & Kate Austen
Date: Can't remember
Senario: Based on Try To Fix You an RP, with fic. It's based a couple months after this. One version of Jack asking Kate to marry him.
Authors: atomic_eyes as Jack Shephard & heartisbruised as Kate Austen
Rating: PG 13

Jack:I was checking out the heads of lettuce trying to decide if I was going to go for the iceberg or romaine, I pushed my hand into my pocket and felt the absence of the ring I'd hidden back at the house reminded me of everything I'd been thinking about lately. I sighed and tried to focus back on the lettuce, cause lettuce is important and the ring is clouding my thoughts a lot.

Kate:: I gingerly held in one hand the bottle of champagne I'd wandered off to the wine section to retrieve as I wound my way down another aisle toward the sugar. I moved pass the bright yellow boxes of confectioners sugar, memories of county fairs in rural Iowa and funnel cakes vaguely filtering through my mind as I crouched down and reached for a five pound bag of granulated sugar with my free hand. I settled it on my hip, hugging it in the curve of my arm, almost like a baby, which was a painful thought. And it didn't go away until I saw him. Jack, deliberating over the types of lettuce like he was deep inside of an O.R. instead of the middle of the supermarket. "Want some sugar?" I asked coyly as I held it up, before placing it in the cart and then leaning in for a kiss.

Jack:I chuckled softly at her flirting and leaned closer for the kiss she was offering, I grinned and looked back at the lettuce before grabbing the romaine. It was better for you anyway and would be better for the salad I'd make for dinner that night. I really shouldn't be overly nervous about the next night, our big anniversary date. If I was, Kate was bound to notice. At least I'd had the sense to take the ring out of my pocket in case she found it. I just had to hope she wouldn't be going through the filing cabinet in my office. "Should we get some asparagus?"

Kate:: I placed the champagne carefully in the top area of the cart, again, thinking about the baby. I couldn't help it. It seemed like everywhere, and everything was some sort of reminder. But, day by day, we were getting through. And our big anniversary was almost here. Something we almost never made it to on several occasions. So I guess for everything you lose, something survives. I tried not to let it show, I tried to keep my eyes unaffected when these thoughts crossed my mind, because I know it still haunted him. More than I wanted to understand that it did. "If you want, babe," I replied, leaning down to pick up some fresh strawberries and add them to the cart, followed by some grapes. "I want to hit up the floral section next." I informed him as we moved slowly along the refrigerated area and goosebumps crawled across my bare arms.

Jack:"You know I'm suppose to be the one buying the flowers and giving them to you instead of you buying them yourself," I said with a small grin. I winked at her and then turned back to the produce. I needed to get some vegetables for dinner. Mixed vegetables were great and I really needed to keep thinking about food. Otherwise my mind went to other places. I'm a doctor, I deal with life or death situation every single day and I did not get nervous easily. Of course all bets were off when it came to Kate and it had always been that way. Really I was just a little worried it was too soon. We were still getting our footing back and I didn't want to fuck that up by moving to fast. I had this speech prepared, or at least the generalities of a speech. I planned on doing it over dinner, with candle light and the soft music of the restaurant. I just had to make it to tomorrow. "Will you grabs some bananas?"

Kate:: "You buy me flowers all the time," I said, rolling my eyes playfully, as if I'd ever complain about that. "I'm not looking for lillies," I assured him, knowing how much he liked to surprise me with my favorite. "Just a couple of fresh arrangements to liven the place up a little since we're having company this weekend." Charlie and Claire were coming and bringing the baby, who was getting so big. I had no idea yet how hard that was going to be for us, and of course I hadn't told anyone else about what had happened to us. As much as I'd wanted to confide in Claire, I didn't want to make her feel weird, or not want to make us feel weird. A few of the others were coming by as well, including a cameo by Sawyer and his flavor of the month. Supposedly. He had e-mailed Jack as much. Taking a few steps ahead of Jack, I grabbed the bananas. "Anything else?" I asked, turning in my place to look at him.

Jack:Having company threw my mind into other places. Mostly I thought about Charlie and Claire and how big Aarron was going to be when we saw them. Of course that thought led me to other thoughts that I'd rather not have. I hadn't heard from Sarah since that fucking message she'd left on the answering machine. I was glad, who knows what I would have said to her. And sometimes at night I caught myself resting my hand over Kate's stomach and I had to hold back the grief that threatened to consume me. I tried to shake the thoughts away as she jarred me out of them with her question. I smiled, "Marry me," as soon as the words left my mouth I wondered exactly where they had come from. I'd had this speech and plans and yet there they were, out in the open. Marry me. I couldn't control my mouth but I didn't regret it at all.

Kate:: The bananas slipped from my fingers, where I'd been dangling them, and hit the ground with a soft thud against the linoleum style floor. Did he just... Did I hear him right? One minute, I was holding banannas, and we were talking about floral arrangements for the house and... "What?" I asked, still not sure I had heard him right.

Jack:I sighed and tried to quell the panic THAT particular reaction caused. I leaned down and picked up the bananas and placed them gently in the cart. "I had this whole speech planned, very doctorly I'm sure. Over dinner tomorrow night and I'd have the ring then and ... I don't know, I've been thinking about it a lot and I finally just bought the ring and I love you and I want to marry you and it doesn't even have to be soon. I just ... Marry me."

Kate:: I felt the smile fill my face. "You have a ring?" I asked. I thought maybe soon we'd start talking about it more seriously than we had in the past, with all of our joking and stuff. I was expecting maybe around Christmas or maybe even New Year's Eve. But this, he had managed to totally surprise me with this. "Okay," I said, still a little shocked, stepping closer to him. "I mean, yes."

Jack:When she smiled I felt this sense of relief wash over me, like there was a weight settled in my chest and that smile just disintegrated it. "Yes I have a ring, but it's at home in my filing cabinet." She moved closer and said okay, I raised my brow and then she said yes and I smiled again pulling her into my arms, abandoning the cart for a moment. "Yes?"

Kate:: I had to laugh, and I didn't mean to. It was just too funny. And cute. And too Jack. "Your filing cabinet?" I asked, giggling lightly as he pulled me to him. "Jack, my engagement ring is in your filing cabinet?" Slipping my arms around his neck, I felt my smile widen. "Yes," I affirmed. "Yes, I'll marry you, Jack." I said, before pushing forward and kissing him.

Jack:I chuckled when she laughed and shrugged lightly, "You'd have found it on your own if it had been anywhere else. Including my pockets." I kissed her forehead and then pulled back slightly when she reaffirmed that yes. Before I could say anything she kissed me and I kissed her back. Sadly it couldn't get very heated because I did happen to remember that we were in the produce isle of the stop and shop and they probably wouldn't appreciate exactly how heated we tended to get. "Good," I sighed as I pressed my forehead against hers, "I'd hate to have to tell Charlie I never had the balls to ask you."

Kate:: "Only because I can't keep my hands off of you," I countered, in response to the fact that I would have found it anywhere else, including his pockets. Plus, I did his laundry too. I smiled. Even though we had to take our affection down a notch. Which people could have just gotten over considering we just got engaged. "Guess you'll make him proud this weekend then," I said, resting my hand on his chest, imagining what my finger would look like with a ring on it.

Jack:I grinned at her words, that was true enough but of course the feeling was decidedly mutual. "And Vice versa," I said while pushing a strand of hair behind her ear. "He will and I'm sure Sawyer will have a shiny new nickname to give one or both of us," I shook my head but smiled indicating that I really didn't care about that. "I really did have a whole romantic evening planned. Not that I don't fully intend on doing it all anyway, but you know."


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